My friend told me about this class (she took it about three weeks before the February 2013 bar exam). I decided to go to the next
weekend and I am so grateful that I did. I not only passed the bar exam after more attempts that I care to count, but, my MBE score improved so much that I was able to waive into DC (something that was really important to me – but not something I thought was possible). The things that Professor Duncanson taught (especially for me – how to manage the final weeks of studying, and all of the follow up that I received after the class really kept me going). For the first time ever I was able to study without worry and to simply do my best. I am so happy that I took this course. It is like no other class out there – and sadly, I have taken a few). This was actually affordable
and well worth every penny. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
​- Jennifer
  During my second round taking Barbri, I realized the essay and PT sections were not coming together for me.
I found Bar None Review’s two Day Cram Session.I was very pleased with the tips, materials and recommendations provided
to help pull together a thorough yet concise essay response.Professor Duncanson’s technique and support allowed me to walk into
and out of the bar exam feeling confident and very prepared for the exam.
Although the course was only a two day course, Professor Duncanson continued to offer support throughout the final month.
 I only wish I’d found Bar None Review much earlier!!I highly recommend Bar None Review’s two Day Cram Session!​​
 – Leah
This is the best California bar prep course in the business! They helped me focus on the most important aspect of the California bar exam
– scoring as many points as humanly possible!​​
– Julian


About two weeks prior to the bar, I knew the law pretty well and was having encouraging MCQ results.
 Every time I sat down to write an essay, however, I was frozen. I felt completely abandoned by my bar review course. 
It was absolutely terrifying. One afternoon, I was working on evidence (my nemesis) 
and ended up in tears. I can't remember what I googled, but I found the Bar Exam Guru's website cram session page.  
It read something to the effect of "Don't know how to start an essay? Don't know what to write?"
 YES! Exactly!  It was as though I had never written one, and I just could not write. I signed up that very 
minute and, without a doubt, am sure that the cram session was the turning point for me. It gave 
me much needed emotional strength, but also structure and a plan of how to spend the final week 
​(with the goal being "resolving issues in my favor"). When the proctor said, "go" on Tuesday morning, I dove in and put the
 method to work. It worked, I passed! I'll just add this: I went to school on line. Everyone always counts us out,
 but I don't care where you went to school. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with the Bar Exam Guru.

– Marta

Bar None Review Bar Exam Cram Session Testimonials:

I believe that your cram session and, in particular, the crucial guidance you gave for the last two weeks of study made the difference and
enabled me to pass on my first try. Thank you for everything! The cram session and follow up was amazing!​​
– Brian
 I want to extend my thanks to Professor Duncanson for her help in preparing me for the California bar exam. Her insights and predictions were incredibly helpful and I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at Bar None for your help throughout this process. Thank you! ​​
​- Kapil​
Confidence boosting! It really helped to remind me that the material is manageable and that a structured,
pre-practiced approach will help me knock out the essays! You guys are awesome! Thank you
for your enthusiasm and professionalism!
​​- Ashley

 ​Hi Lisa!!!
Thank you so much, I passed! With one daughter and a baby on the way – you helped me pass the bar and were so
positive!!I really appreciate you! Thank you! ​​
– Jessica
I wish I had met you four years ago. I would have saved a lot of money and a lot of heartache.
Thank you again for what you have done for me! The bar exam is finally behind me and I owe it all to your program!
I recommend this program to anyone who is taking the bar exam – it is a must have!​​
​- Heidi
This was my fifth time to take the California bar exam and I finally passed it! The Cram Session is so amazing.
Lisa puts all the topics, approaches and predictions together.  If is very informative. I strongly recommend Bar None Review
to anyone who wants to pass the examination. I am a foreigner who was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I did not go to
the United States until I graduated from college in Shanghai. I got an LLM degree at USC. But, I never took any
first year class. And I passed the California Bar Examination with Lisa’s help. If I can do it, everyone could do it. All you need to
do is attend Bar None Review class and be a good student, pay attention and do what she says.
Lisa will help you achieve your dream!​​
 – Yi
  I found the Bar Exam Cram Session – and the followup teaching/guidance material from Professor Duncanson to be excellent
preparation for the bar exam. She presents the necessary material and also crticial tips for how to take the exam – literally
guidance on how to set up the questions. I had failed once and this was the advice that made the difference. Also, you
will find that you continue to hear her positive can-do voice as you study and in the wonderful follow up material ad predictions
that she puts together. You know the whole time that she is working hard to give you the tools to pass, and
if you listen carefully, it really works!​​
– Emily