Long Beach Pedestrian Pathway – City of Long Beach

Hirsch & Associates, Inc. provided the City of Long Beach with design services to reconfigure the existing parking lot. The adjacent Beach Pedestrian and Bike Path project reconfigured the pathways to enlarge the ramp crossing at the Pier. In doing so, it displaced 10 parking stalls in the parking lot serving Pier visitors, restaurants and


Brea Canyon Road Improvements – Diamond Bar, CA

The Brea Canyon Road streetscape and street landscape design project encompasses the rehabilitation of Brea Canyon Road and the enhancement / establishment of landscaping, lighting, bicycle and pedestrian facilities from the south City limits to Pathfinder Road. The project includes Caltrans right-of-way as well as funding from MTA.


Cerritos Town Center Street Beautification – Cerritos, CA

The project consisted of water features and street beautifications coinciding with the development of the entire Cerritos Towne Center. The beautification encompassed the Towne Center bordered by the 91 Freeway to the north, Bloomfield Avenue on the west, 183rd Street to the south and Artesia Blvd. to the east.


Azusa Avenue Landscape Improvements – Covina, CA

The project consists of four miles of parkway and median island improvements on state highway 39. Project elements include: median island landscaping, decorative tree wells and paving patterns incorporated along existing sidewalks and the design of bus shelters to be utilized throughout the City. All landscape improvements were designed to meet Cal -Trans requirements and


183rd Street / 91 Freeway Interchange – Cerritos, CA

This project was funded by the City of Cerritos. 183rd Street is adjacent to Caltrans right-of-way and the City wished to upgrade it. Hirsch & Associates worked with the City and Caltrans District 7 to incorporate / blend the Caltrans right-of-way into the overall streetscape. Hirsch & Associates’ scope of work included conceptual design, construction


State Highway 63 Streetscape – Visalia, CA

Donahue Schriber Retail Group was conditioned to install street widening and streetscape improvements for State Highway 63 within the City of Visalia along the frontage of their development project. The design plans were drawn in accordance with Caltrans Standards. Hirsch & Associates provided design services related to hardscape, landscape and irrigation design for the retail


Garey Avenue – Pomona, CA

Garey Avenue Beautification includes a new landscape 10-14’ wide landscape median within a 2 mile portion of the roadway. The need for the improved roadway was identified within the adopted Corridor Specific Plan. The intend to improve aesthetic conditions along this major arterial and promote business and development. The design features a dominant rhythm of